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ROI: от 128%

Объем инвестирования (Initial Capital): €8970 - €45000
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Why should you become a partner?

Business model proven and solid

Parents and children are always interested in quality educational services

It’s fun!

It is very exciting to run an English school with creative teachers and hundreds of happy students.

Efficient financial model

High margin, High client-LTV, Transparent cost structure.
Franchise of European origin
The Panda English School team together with Francorp LLC created an Operational Manual (business management system) using international best practices, making your business manageable, thoughtful and effective.
Support team that ensures your success
Franchise Professionals
Madara Teraudkalna
Finance Expert
Successful career in SwedBank, Deloitte and other. Developed a financial model of Panda English School for priority markets.
Arturs Beiers
Franchising Expert
Helped partners open more than 700 locations in 38 countries. Designed a strategy of developing competitive advantages
Inna Miglane
Management Consulting Expert
Successful career in McDonald’s, Statoil and other. Developed Operational Manual and Panda’s Standards System

Classes at Panda English School are in great demand!

Our courses are popular amongst parents, provide great results and suit students of all ages. Our product significantly differs from competitors due to unique methodology and training techniques. It’s easy to sell. Clients themselves want to study with us!
Why clients choose Panda English school?
Unique student motivation system
Kids Can Make Panda Dollars for regular attendance, completed homework and engagement during classes. Panda Cash rewards system motivates our students and makes them want to study harder. Teachers encourage children to learn and engage during class discussions. Once a certain amount of Panda-dollars is collected, students can exchange them for various toys, notebooks, mini-games, watches and other things from the gift list. The list of gifts is constantly updated.
Mobile App
Every student gets access to Panda Mobile App that includes homework, payment details, program for remote learning the vocabulary. Now all course information is collected in one place and available 24/7.
Effective training manuals
In addition to an individual approach, we also use signature programs that address the needs of each individual student. The textbooks of such known around the world and reputable English publishers as Oxford, McMillian, Pearson became the basis of our course.
Performance reports for parents
Throughout the course, our experienced teachers monitor the progress of each child. Twice a year, they compile a detailed performance reports, helping parents evaluate the effectiveness of learning and see the progress of their children.
All classes are in English only. This allows you to completely immerse yourself in the English-speaking environment and begin to think and speak English. Merging the combined method of education and extended lessons maximize effectiveness of education. The lessons last 90 minutes (60 minutes for children 4-6 years old) and are divided into twenty-minute intervals, where we alternate between Individual and group tasks, speech and grammar exercises.
What do you get when working with us?
Regular online consultations
Educational webinars
Assistance in drafting contracts and resolving other legal issues
Marketing strategy and support
Detailed plan for market entry and business development strategy
Your and your team development
Advisory support
We are always ready to help and answer any of your questions.
HR Support
Assistance with Job announcement, Staff recruitment, Personnel issues.
Training your team in your area
Off-site trainings and events.
Website and IT management infrastructure
Modern website containing all the most necessary tools for comfortable work, flexible system for managing clients and tasks.
Tailored business plan
Detailed business plan with a transparent revenue and cost structure
We guarantee your business to be successful when comes to teaching English to children. Here is why:
Optimized cost structure
High profitability & Rapid return on investment
Step 1
Contact us to get more details
Step 2
Sign franchise agreement, lump sum contribution and definition of royalties
Step 3
On-line and off-line trainings
Step 4
Opening your first branch and recruiting student groups
Step 5
Project management. Optimization and control
Contact us
Contact us
We work every day to improve the quality of service and the effectiveness of training. Your feedback, your comments and suggestions inspire us. Feel free to ask any questions. We will do our best to reply in timely manner and address all of your concerns. We make sure to respond to every single request.
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